I have sầu a .bin file that I would like to lớn convert to an iso to burn lớn a usb. The .bin tệp tin is clearly bootable; The output of

file os-image.binis

../os-image.bin: DOS/MBR boot sectorvà I can boot it in qemu.

Bạn đang xem: Linux

but when I convert it to lớn iso:

genisoimage -o drip.iso os-image.binor bchunchồng or PowerISO or bin2iso

the output of the tệp tin comm& is:

drip.iso: ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data "CDROM"& rufus won"t write it khổng lồ usb, và qemu won"t boot.

Also, when I write the bin lớn the usb with rufus, it won"t boot on a regular computer.

linux boot usb iso-image
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So I have sầu figured out the issue.

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My image that I was using for writing wasn"t for UEFI so it didn"t want to boot on newer PCs.

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answered Jan 7 "trăng tròn at 14:06

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