Thuan An Beach Hue Vietnam

One day at Thuan An beach – a bustling beach in Hue city

Hue city is not only famous for the Citadel, royal tombs but also for its beautiful and attractive sầu long beaches. Along with Lang Co beach, Tam Giang lagoon, Thuan An beach is the masterpieces of Hue which attracts a lot of tourists. Thuan An beach is situated nearby Thuan An mouth, where Huong River runs lớn Tam Giang lagoon & then lớn the sea… Different from the neighboring beaches of Centre, the terrain & climate create Thuan An miraculous beach. People coming to Hue cannot leave sầu this busy beach. If you go to Hue city, but have sầu not seen Thuan An beach, it means that you only underst& Hue a half.

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Relaxing moments on Thuan An beach

Thuan An beach is far about 70 kilometers from Lang Co. Far from Hue 15 km, only 15 minutes by oto, tourists are able to reach the beach. On the way to the beach, you can also contemplate immense Tam Giang lagoon, which is one of the biggest & most beautiful lagoons in Hue. You can also see plenty of small boats, junks drift up và down the river on the left of the route, và many houses, temples, pagodas, rice fields, and gardens which successively spread out on the right.

On arriving, tourists will have to lớn admire the beauty of the sky, the sea, especially the dawn on the beach. As the sun rises, its rays are like lớn be awakened after a long sleep, stretching khổng lồ the uncertain sea waves, which creates a three-dimensional picture. Trying getting up early in the morning & watching the dawn on the beach, you will underst& why this beach always receives big love sầu from Hue people.

There are two things that visitors find rather strange here that are clean fine sand without shells and sea water tastes salty than usual. From morning till 3 p.m., xanh water and white sandy beaches create a rare and sparkling beautiful natural picture. Due to the nature of Thuan An sea climate, the beach in the morning is very different from it in the afternoon. When you return khổng lồ Thuan An the next day, you probably will not even recognize it. Therefore, no matter how many times you go there, you still have new emotions.


After a long day visiting the Citadel, mausoleums, pagodas with Hue đô thị tour or a visit to Bach Ma national park, Thuan An beach is a very enjoyable place that tourists often choose to relax và have a new experience. In the summer time, especially from April to September while Hue temperature being fairly hot, Thuan An beach is also the place where Hue people gather to enjoy the fresh air & sea-bathing.

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Every citizen in Hue likes this beach because the beach is always bustling và fun. Sometimes, tourists are very crowded, & there are not enough places for their camping. Coming lớn the beach, one can meet other people, chat with them, watch their activities, see the children playing with their parents on the sand, swlặng in the cool water,…For me, watching fishing boats and fishermen at work along the beach, or seeing others playing in the water are interesting activities. When standing in front of the vastness of this beautiful beach, I feel my soul comfortable and peaceful.

Besides enjoying the beauty of Thuan An beach, tourists can rent tents, camp & stay overnight on the beach or make a BBQ buổi tiệc ngọt with fresh seafood. At night, you can also wander along the beach, or enjoy the taste of Chuon village rice wine, fresh seafood like shrimp, oysters, squid … grilled over charcoal, creating the aromatic smell on the beach & traditional dishes like Loc cake, Nam cake, etc.


Thuan An beach has a special meaning to me because it pertains khổng lồ my childhood when my parents often took my younger brothers & me lớn the beach every summer vacation. My parents taught us how to swyên ổn and showed us how lớn build s& castles. We often played together on the s& and it was really my wonderful memory. From that day, Thuan An beach has become an impressive sầu place in my soul. In the present, I still remain the habit khổng lồ go to lớn the beach every hot day to lớn feel the peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the cool water. Believe sầu me, if you come lớn this beach, you will not want khổng lồ leave it anymore.

Because of the undeveloped tourist services và a little wild, Thuan An Beach bears in itself a mystery as the personalities of Hue people. Even though Thuan An beach is not as beautiful and splendid as the beaches in Hoi an or Da nang city, Thuan An beach is never less attractive in the eyes of Hue people và tourists coming to Hue. Come to lớn Hue and have sầu relaxing moments on Thuan An beach.