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The Labor Department announced it had revised the August numbers to show that the economy gained 89,000 jobs that month.

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The biggest drop in the global figures came from revising the figure for India downward, which was done in July.
revise a law/a rule/legislation Legislation to revise the laws on corporate lawsuits was blocked last night in the Senate.
to make changes to a book, document, etc. in order to improve sầu it, correct mistakes, or make it contain the most recent information:
In his revised reconstruction it is a suffixed size *bulaw-an bearing the locative -an that has the nominal meaning.
In particular, the condition of having accumulated 35 years of contribution khổng lồ access to lớn a pension should be revised.
The papers gathered here, though revised, reflect the variety of approach evident in their first presentations at the meeting.
Indeed, whenever a diary writer edits or otherwise revises entries, " " these superficially private writings become unmistakably public documents, intended for an external readership.
The interview schedule was field-tested và revised over a 2-year period before formal data collection began.
If linguistic theory is incompatible with gradual evolution and development, perhaps linguistic theory needs to be revised.
The interpretations are constructed incrementally & continually revised and updated, so that most alternatives can be quickly discarded.
Codes were established & revised using an iterative group process of reading transcripts, testing codes, and revising or devising new codes.
However, the guidelines for reimbursement of assistive sầu devices were revised at the moment because of an increasing pressure on budgets for assistive devices.
Pulmonary atresia and intact ventricular septum: surgical management based on a revised classification.
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