Nam viet hotel

Takeout Ordering Tip

The best ordering practice is khổng lồ order via our online ordering system powered by Chownow.

Ordering online helps alleviate congestion on our phone lines, and is the quickest most efficient way lớn pay and piông chồng up your order from the restaurant.

*Note: Please make sure you kiểm tra your preferred takeout time. We have sầu encountered many instances in which customers have ordered & did not inidicate a preferred pickup và food was made only to be thrown out because it was made before a desired pickup time. As a small family business, with rising food costs, we cannot afford khổng lồ waste any food.

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Ex: Prior lớn checking out, please double check your pickup time. If you select ASAP.., the restaurant will receive your ticket immediately và prepare your food order.

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Peak takeout times are usually between 5:00PM - 7:00PM; Therefore we RECOMMEND that you phối your order earlier in the day if you prefer to pickup during this time frame.


Takeout Q&A:


Q: If I use Chownow, it says I have sầu lớn sign up for an trương mục. Why should I bởi this?

A: Great question! With the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants had to lớn adopt a Model that would serve as both conveninece và contactless for customers. Online ordering has been around for years, but last year it became a new norm for restaurants. The ability to order, pay, and arrange a set pickup time became easier for the user. **Additionally, your account isn"t exclusive sầu to just Nam-Viet. There are hundreds of restaurants in the DC area, let alone the entire US that utilize the Chownow Service.

Q: I don"t want lớn sign up for an tài khoản, what other ways can I use Chownow khổng lồ order & pay for my takeout?

A: If you are reluctant lớn sign up for an trương mục and you are a smart phone user, you can use Apple Pay or Android Pay on your sản phẩm điện thoại devices to pay for your order. Your login information is yours exlusively; It is neither shared or used for any kinh doanh services other than lớn give sầu you an tin nhắn receipt with your pickup time và an itemized receipt. Remember the incentive to signing up for an account though, There are hundreds of restaurants in the DC area, let alone the entire US that utilize the Chownow Service. If you see yourself ordering out often, our recommendation is lớn open an tài khoản.

Q: Your Chownow service is just for pickup only, will you eventually adopt delivery?

A: As of July 6, 2021, for the first time ever, Nam-Viet is offering delivery within 5 miles of the restaurant. You can select delivery through the Chownow ordering portal.

Q: Why are you no longer taking over the phone orders?

A: Pre-dating the COVID-19 pandemic, we would take phone orders, however, we would encounter such instances as fraudulent credit card orders, unpicked up take out orders, & a reluctancy for people khổng lồ read a credit thẻ number due khổng lồ it being inconvenient for them. As a result, the restaurant was left at losses of hundreds of dollars in unpicked up orders or fraudulent charges. Sadly, this continued on with last year"s COVID-19 pandemic. Since we reopened our doors last May, takeout has been at least 73%+ of our revenue.

During these times with rising operating và food costs, we cannot risk such issues. Therefore, we ask that customers order online or in person to help us prsự kiện with these issues.

Third Party Delivery Companies

A few customers have sầu said they were hesistant khổng lồ use our online ordering system because of fees and commissions associated with other third các buổi party companies, such as Door Dash, Uber Eats, and Grub Hub taken from the restaurant.

First, we thank you for your thoughtfulness, especially during these uncertain times for our beloved restaurant industry.

Second, please be assured that we would not have sầu partnered with anyone without doing any diligent retìm kiếm và of all the companies that offered an online ordering service, khổng lồ date Chownow has been the best partner for our small family owned restaurant.

We hope this answers any queries that you have & we hope that you use our online ordering as it’s quiông chồng, efficient, and helps out the restaurant by alleviating our phone lines.

Nam-Viet Restaurant does not partner with or participate in third party delivery companies such as Door Dash, GrubHub, Ubereats, Postmates, or otherwise. While you may see our restaurant listed on these platforms, we have sầu been diligently working lớn be removed and stop orders to lớn và from these platforms.

Any orders placed via these companies/services should be heeded with caution as we cannot guarantee our normal quality of food & service. Our commitment is & always will be to lớn our customers và at this time we only permit take-out và online orders via Chownow or direct phone calls to lớn the restaurant.