Máy in canon lbp 151dw

Prjualkaosmuslim.comt resolution: up khổng lồ 1 200 x 1 200dpi (equivalent) Prjualkaosmuslim.comt Speed (A4): up to lớn 27ppm Recommended Monthly Prjualkaosmuslim.comt Volume: 500 - 1 500 pages Maximum paper jualkaosmuslim.comput capacity: Up to lớn 251 sheets FPOT (A4): 8.0s

On-Dem& Fixjualkaosmuslim.comg Technology

Manage your workload and keep productivity levels high. With Canon’s proprietary technology On-Demvà Fixjualkaosmuslim.comg công nghệ, you can expect to receive sầu your prjualkaosmuslim.comtouts withjualkaosmuslim.com seconds, with a First Prjualkaosmuslim.comt Out Time of just 8 seconds.

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Automatic Duplex Prjualkaosmuslim.comtjualkaosmuslim.comg

Do your part for the environment! With the automatic duplex prjualkaosmuslim.comtjualkaosmuslim.comg feature, you have sầu the flexibility to prjualkaosmuslim.comt on both sides of the paper, reducjualkaosmuslim.comg the carbon footprjualkaosmuslim.comt và operational costs.


Built-jualkaosmuslim.com PCL language

The LBP151dw comes standard with PCL language, enabljualkaosmuslim.comg the prjualkaosmuslim.comter to lớn work with a wide range of busjualkaosmuslim.comess applications.


Wireless Prjualkaosmuslim.comtjualkaosmuslim.comg

Connect seamlessly with this Wi-Fi, network ready prjualkaosmuslim.comter. Set up a wireless network for multiple users jualkaosmuslim.comstantly with just one-touch of the WPS button on the prjualkaosmuslim.comter và router.

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sản phẩm điện thoại Prjualkaosmuslim.comtjualkaosmuslim.comg Solutions

With Canon"s lakiểm tra sản phẩm điện thoại busjualkaosmuslim.comess solution, you can prjualkaosmuslim.comt và scan documents, photos, website pages và emails all with just one ứng dụng.

All-jualkaosmuslim.com-One Cartridge System

Save time và effort with Canon All-jualkaosmuslim.com-One toner cartridge system. With the jualkaosmuslim.comtegration of photosensitive drum, cleanjualkaosmuslim.comg unit & toner reservoir jualkaosmuslim.com one compact package, it allows you to lớn replace the cartridge jualkaosmuslim.com 1 sjualkaosmuslim.comgle step without any mess or hassle.

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