How To Get From Hue To Hoi An (2021)? ❤️

Moving on from the old Imperial capital of Hue, it’s time to lớn hit the next đô thị on your Vietnam bucket list. Once a thriving trade port along the silk route, Hoi An is likely your next stop heading south. The distance from Hue lớn Hoi An is approximately 125 kilometres. However it can range from a three-hour train ride to four-hour car ride. Partially through flat terrain, then on lớn narrow cliffside roads overlooking Central Vietnam’s coastline.

The journey to lớn Hue from Hoi An is connected by the famous Hai Van Pass. A remarkable 24-kilometre section of mountain road, on the coast looking out to the East Vietnam giới Sea. It is one of the most beautiful scenic routes in Vietnam giới. So have sầu your camera ready.

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Looking out over Hue’s famous perfume river. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Struggling to lớn find the best way to lớn get khổng lồ Hue from Hoi An? Well look no further! Below you’ll find plenty of options lớn choose from lớn best suit your travel plans. Hidden gives you the lowdown, from solo travelling on a motorbike to private group tours.


Scenic Route Option from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An:Hue khổng lồ Da Nang Train TimetablePrivate Car from Hoi An lớn HueMotorxe đạp from Hoi An lớn Hue

A Quichồng History of Hue

Located on the banks of the Song Huong “Perfume River” lies the Imperial City of Hue. Hue (pronounced “hway”) is widely known as Vietnam’s “most royal city.” Once the trang chính of the Emperor, it is now the resting place of seven imperial tombs & the Forbidden Purple City, surrounded by thichồng stone walls. Although many of its buildings were damaged during the war, it’s managed to lớn retain much of its former glory. Today this vast 19th Century citadel encompassing the city, its palaces and shrines are one of the city’s major drawcards.

The Imperial City of Hue Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Getting from Hue to lớn Hoi An

The distance from Hue lớn Hoi An is approximately 125 kilometres. However it can range from a three-hour train ride to a full day motorxe đạp tour. Partially through flat terrain, then on khổng lồ narrow cliffside roads overlooking Central Vietnam’s coastline. 

Luckily there are quite a few ways lớn get lớn Hue from Hoi An. Depending on your budget & time constraints, you can opt for a bus, train, private car or even motorbike—all of which come with pros & cons.

Bus, private oto and motorbike will get you directly into Hoi An, while the train will get you to Da Nang đô thị, just 30 kilometres north of Hoi An. From Da Nang, you are a short ride away (45 khổng lồ 90 minutes) to lớn Hoi An, either by local bus, express shuttle bus, xe taxi, or private car. You can read more on how to lớn get lớn Hoi An from Da Nang in our article here.

ModeTimePrice (VND)Price (USD)Stop
Train & Transfer21/2 - 4 hours +45 - 90min transfer40,000 - 90,000& trăng tròn,000 - 500,000 Transfer1.70 - 3.90Da Nang
Bus4 - 5 hours100,0004.30Direct
Shuttle Bus4 - 5 hours240,00010Direct
Private Car5 - 6 hours1,180,000 - 1,680,000 50 - 72Direct
Motorxe đạp Self Drive7- 8 hours300,000 - 1,000,00013 - 43Direct
Motorbike Tour8 hours1,100,000 - 1,160,00047 - 50Direct

Hidden has put together everything you need khổng lồ know about each mode of transport, along with some tips and common traps you need lớn avoid, so you can make an informed decision & get the most out of your journey!

When you decide to book your trip from Hue lớn Hoi An, Hidden recommends using Baovệ sinh or 12GoAsia For private cars read our article here for all the details.

Scenic Route Option from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An:


Anyone can go from point A khổng lồ point B. But for a long trip why not add some beauty to lớn it? We think that one of the best và most affordable routes is by taking a train with Vietphái mạnh Railways. Above sầu all, the train journey is spectacular, complemented with a beautiful view of Vietnam’s coastline. From Hue, the train ride is a comfortable và scenic option lớn head to Hoi An. On the right side of the train, you’ll see expanses of beautiful countryside, & on the left side, there’s the beautiful coastline & secret beaches.

Train guards prepare the Reunification Express for departure. The train from Hoi An lớn Hue. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

A train ticket ranges from 40,000 to 90,000 VND (1.70 to 3.90 USD) depending on the seat you choose. You can purchase them at the train station or via a third-buổi tiệc ngọt service, The train ride varies from 2.5 hours lớn 4 hours depending on the time of day.

Yes, you read Da Nang, but unfortunately, there isn’t a train station in Hoi An yet. However, if you don’t mind adding another 45 to 60 minutes khổng lồ your trip, this would be a great, safe, scenic route lớn take. Because getting lớn Hoi An from Da Nang train station isn’t too difficult. Cheông xã out our other article, How to get from Da Nang to Hoi An (& Vice Versa), for options.

Da Nang Train Station: 791 Hai Phong St – Duration: 2.5-4 Hours (depending on departure time)

Hidden Hint: If going by train, then sit on the left side khổng lồ have sầu a clear view of the coastline.

Da Nang to Hue Train Timetable

TrainTimesDurationPrice - Soft Seat
SE1010:03-12:582h 55m96,000 VND (4 USD)
SE412:49-15:262h 37m93,000 VND (4 USD)
SE213:55-16:192h 24m82,000 VND (3.50 USD)
SE2018:45-21:242h 39m75,000 VND (3.trăng tròn USD)

Hue lớn Da Nang Train Timetable

TrainTimesDurationPrice - Soft Seat
SE110:59-13:252h 26m96,000 VND (4 USD)
SE1909:31-12:202h 49m105,000 VND (4.50 USD)
SE308:37-11:052h 28m93,000 VND (4 USD)
Looking out at the scenery during the train ride from Da Nang to Hue

Bus from Hue to Hoi An

There are several direct bus options khổng lồ get lớn Hoi An. We’d suggest using The Sinh Tourist or Hanh Cafe services, they are notably good buses to use. Costing around 100,000 VND (4.30 USD), The Sinh Tourist bus has two schedules: one departing at 8:30.a.m và arriving around 12:30.p.m;. The second departing at 1:45.p.m & arriving around 5:15.p.m. You can book your ticket and pay online for 99,000 VND (4.30 USD).

Sinh Tourist – Address: 38 Chu Văn uống An – Business hours: 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., daily – Duration: 4-5 Hours (depending on traffic)

Shuttle Bus from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An

Hue Shuttle bus offers a service to lớn Hoi An & is a good option if you are a group or want to take a small bus (they limit passengers to lớn a maximum of 10). They piông xã you up at your khách sạn in Hue and drop you off at your hotel in Hoi An. However, the price is 240,000 VND (10 USD). Also if the shuttle bus is not full, then they may pick up people on the way. The ride will take around four to five hours. The first departure is at 7.a.m & the second at 2:30.p.m. This would be the best option if you wanted quiông chồng and easy travel without the need to go to a pickup location.

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Hoi An Express – Duration: 4-5 Hours (depending on traffic) – Address: 11 Nguyen Cong Tru St, Hue 

Private Car from Hoi An to lớn Hue

Why not make a day trip out of your travel from Hoi An to lớn Hue and visit some of the most popular tourist spots along the way? Including Marble Mountains, My Khe Beach, the Hai Van Pass, và Lang Co Beach. Turn a potentially dull four-hour trip into a six-hour adventure. So get out of the oto và stretch your legs, walking up the 156 stone steps at Marble Mountain. After that grab a quick dip in the ocean at My Khe Beach.

With a 5-star rating on TripAdvisor, VM Travel Hoi An has “very cool & nice driver(s)”. They will happily take you, your family, & friends on a day tour, ending at your destination in Hue.

The rooftops of Hoi An Old Town. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Private car prices range from 1,180,000 VND (50 USD) for a 4-seater car (12.50 USD/person) lớn 1,680,000 VND (72 USD) for a 16-seater (4.50 USD/person). So, if you have sầu a bigger group, it’s nearly the same cost as a direct bus or train ride from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An.

The Itinerary

The day’s itinerary starts with pick-up at your hotel at your specified time (we think the earlier, the better lớn get the most daylight). Firstly heading khổng lồ Lang Co Beach, then driving through the Hai Van Pass (“Ocean Cloud Pass”). After that it’s on to lớn My Khe Beach, Non Nuoc Stone Carving Village lớn Marble Mountains. Finally,ending up at your khách sạn in Hoi An. Upon request with an additional 200,000 VND (8.50 USD) per oto, you can also visit Elephant Springs. They consist of small waterfalls và ponds you can swyên in.

*chú ý that entrance fees lớn Marble Mountains & lunch is not included. Read this article for more information about the popular site.

VM Travel Hoi An – Address: 91 Nguyen Thi Minc Khai – Duration: 5-6 Hours – How lớn book: Online

Marble Mountains – one of the most popular attractions between Hoi An and Da Nang. Photo: Hidden Hoi An

Motorbike from Hoi An lớn Hue

In the land of motorbikes, scooters, & organised-chaos traffic, why not make the ride khổng lồ Hue by motorbike? The trip is on partially flat terrain on Hwy 1, but vì note that this is a truck-filled highway, which can be a bit hair-raising at times. We wouldn’t recommend this route for new drivers.

From there, you head up the narrow, winding, cliff-side road through the Hai Van Pass. A magnificent ride—full of scenic lookouts. The direct trip from Hue khổng lồ Hoi An is approximately three hours. But we recommkết thúc that you take it slow. Stop a few times at the top along the way & take in the captivating beauty of Central Vietnam.

Renting a Motorbike

If you don’t have sầu a motorbike, there are a few rental companies in Hue that let you rent one-way và then drop off in Hoi An or vice versa. Read our complete guide to lớn going from Hue to lớn Hoi An by motorcycle and our guide to renting a motorxe đạp in Vietnam giới.

Hidden Hint: If you have luggage or a backpaông chồng, then some companies will transport your belongings to your khách sạn in Hoi An. It will be ready & waiting upon your arrival in the evening.

Motorbike riders on the Hai Van Pass. Photo: wnfdiary

Style Motorbikes has offices in Hoi An and Hue with various motorbike rental options ranging from 300,000 VND (13 USD) khổng lồ 1,000,000 VND (43 USD) per day. If renting for the one way trip Style will transport your luggage to lớn your over destination for không tính phí. Hidden Hoi An used Style Motorbikes when researching our Hoi An lớn Hue Self Riding Guide & were impressed with their service và their bikes. Style Motorbikes website – Hoi An Address: 314 Cua Dai – Hue Address: 45 Nguyen Cong Tru