Hoi An To Ninh Binh By Bus, Taxi, Train From Vnd 528K

How lớn get from Hoi An to Ninch Binh?

The best option lớn travel the 700km distance from Hoi An to lớn Ninh Binh is by train. This train journey takes 15.5 hours and costs $29. Other options include taking a flight (6 hours) or a bus (13.5 hours).

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When travelling from Hoi An to Ninch Binh, you will have khổng lồ cross quite a big distance. For this reason, we recommover to choose the most comfortable option which is to lớn travel by train. With the night train, you don’t waste your time travelling during the day and earn a good night’s sleep.

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3 ways lớn get from Hoi An to lớn Ninch Binh

Transport modeDurationCostsAvailability
Train15.5 hours675,000 VND ($29)Cheông chồng train tickets
Flight6 hours1,180,000 VND ($50)Cheông chồng flights
Bus13.5 hours395,000 VND ($17)Check bus tickets

Since both Hoi An & Ninh Binh bởi not have an airport, we vị not suggest flying for this route. With land transfers lớn and from the airport and railway stations, you will easily đại bại 6 hours of your day if you choose lớn take a flight. Not lớn mention, switching through these transports can be exhausting.

Buses are also an option but much less safe. This is why we recommkết thúc lớn travel by train (or flight) when covering long distances. Still, the bus is the most affordable option at $17.

Itinerary from Hoi An lớn Ninch Bin

TrainHoi An45minDa Nang Railway Station14.5 hoursNinh Binh
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