7 Best Hoi An Tours + Day Trips From Hoi An, Vietnam

Often claimed as Vietnam’s most thắm thiết đô thị, Hoi An is a must-see destination when visiting the country. Situated off the central coast of Vietphái nam, Hoi An is best known for its fading yellow french architecture and the hundreds of Chinese lanterns that light up the town every night. Spared from fighting during the Vietnam-American War, Hoi An has managed khổng lồ preserve sầu much of its original heritage. It created a đô thị full of rich architecture, boutique hotels, bold and beautiful colors, intricate winding rivers, & an easygoing atmosphere.

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Hoi An is on everyone’s Vietphái mạnh itinerary and for a good reason. There is so much lớn vị in this enchanting town that you’ll likely have a difficult time deciding where to start. And while exploring Hoi An’s Old Town is easily done on your own, many other local activities are best done as part of an organized tour.

Since we have sầu been living in Vietphái nam for the past year, we have had numerous opportunities to lớn visit Hoi An. On each trip, we have sầu tried something new. Whether it’s visiting ancient ruins, biking through rice paddies, or learning to cook delicious Vietnamese cuisine, there is a Hoi An tour for every taste. To make planning your trip easy, we have compiled the best tours in Hoi An to lớn make sure you get the most out of this captivating town.

And if you have sầu more time in Hoi An, we have sầu included a couple of our favorite day trips khổng lồ the surrounding cities & attractions. We vì not doubt that you’ll leave Hoi An having experienced the true beauty of Vietphái nam. That is if you can tear yourself away from this charming ancient city at all!

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How to lớn Book Tours in Hoi An

While there is no shortage of tour agents in Hoi An, we prefer booking our tours online. GetYourGuide is our go-to for booking tours because you can compare all the tour options around Hoi An in one place & choose the excursion that is just right for you. Plus, GetYourGuide has an excellent cancellation policy in case your holiday plans change.

Hoi An Tours & Hoi An Day Trips

1. Watch the Sunrise Over the Ancient Ruins of My Son


What better way to over a perfect day in Hoi An than with a relaxing sunphối cruise on the Thu Bon River?

After arriving at the pier, you’ll be welcomed on the boat with a complimentary cocktail và shown khổng lồ your private table. The boat will cast off just as the sun is setting over the charming town of Hoi An. You’ll be served a dinner of fresh local seafood, including a selection of prawns, fish, & squid.

As you spover the next two hours cruising along the river you’ll love getting the opportunity lớn see Hoi An from a new angle – sitting peacefully và enjoying the beauty of the sunmix over the river.

This sunphối dinner cruise encapsulates the lãng mạn charm of the city. It is a must if you’re looking for a special way to kết thúc your trip to lớn Hoi An.