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Hoa Hung’s traditional tofu is non-GMO, không lấy phí of synthetics and trusted by leading chefs around Australia. We trust you will find it delicious too.

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High Percentage of Protein

Our tofu is high in protein. It also provides fats, carbs, và a wide variety of vitamins và minerals.

Australian và Family - Owned

Ran and operated on shore by a family of tofu lovers creating their own unique tofu.

100% Natural & Fresh

Healthy & nourishing, we only use fresh ingredients. Free of anything synthetic or anything artificial, we've sầu only retained the benefits for you.

No Preservatives and Non - GMO

Our fresh tofu is always made from 100% Australian grown soybeans that are not genetically modified. We also vì chưng not use preservatives.

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Gluten Free

We've perfected a versatile ingredient that can be used in many dishes & entirely gluten - free.


Our Products

In our quest for natural flavour và unique, our team have sầu spent years refining traditional recipes lớn provide the highest unique tofu for customers who appreciate only the best. Silky smooth, with a fresh beany taste and the perfect texture that can be used in a wide range of dishes, Hoa Hung tofu will always deliver a tasty sensation! Made fresh daily and on-site, our delicious tofu is the result of years of dedication. Delivered or purchased, you can be certain you are only getting the freshest tofu, soy drink, soy yogurt & soy pudding.

Want To Stochồng Our Products?

Hoa Hung tofu is trusted by leading Asian local groceries stores, Western & Fusion chefs who require the premium tofu that meets their high standards and contributes khổng lồ the deliciousness of the dishes they create. Our stockists include restaurants like Verd, Bun Me, Iku Wholefood, Tnhị Riffic, Tnhì Pathong, Banana Blossom và 7 Tinch (Marrickville).

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The best tofu I’ve sầu ever had! High chất lượng that jualkaosmuslim.comes with a very low price tag. I’ll always get it when I’m in the area, always!

Hòa Hưng’s tasty tofu is non-GMO, không lấy phí of synthetics & trusted by leading chefs & thousands of happy fans around Sydney, we trust you will find it exceptional và delicious too.

Address:296 Burwood Rd, Belmore NSW 2192Hours:Monday – Sunday7:30am–7:30pmPhone: (02) 9759 2768

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