Climate action demands ambitious measures from all countries. is supporting in planning and implementation efforts.

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Rural development

The long process of coffee production: transparency from crop to lớn cup

In Rwandomain authority, women coffee farmers are using entrepreneurship & digital innovations khổng lồ secure adequate payment.


Environment và climate change

Green buildings – the sleeping giant in climate protection

Modern buildings help protect the environment. A look at Ukraine và El Salvador shows us how.


Social Development

Education must go on

The coronavirus pandemic has plunged the world into lớn an education crisis. Is digitalisation the solution?


Climate, environment, management of natural resources

Preventing the spread of deserts: good for both crops & the climate

An ever increasing amount of fertile soil is disappearing worldwide. The earth is ‘desertifying’, and has its sights set on preventing this.


Climate, environment, management of natural resources

Ready for change: Chile is on course for a future with renewables

Chile is developing innovative sầu storage solutions that will achieve sầu a consistent energy supply from solar & wind power.

Over 700,000 unknown viruses in wildlife have the potential to lớn jump khổng lồ humans as ‘zoonoses’. Veterinarian Hannah Emde explains the process and how we can prevent it.
Nairobi’s growing population is pushing the transport system lớn its limits. New ideas for solutions are coming from local start-ups.
On Sunday, the international climate negotiations will be beginning in Glasgow. is taking on the challenging task of making the goals of the Paris Agreement a reality.
On the road lớn climate protection, there is no way around transportation. An article by Managing Director Ingrid-Gabriela Hoven.
The company has offset all its own greenhouse gas emissions worldwide for the first time. It has ambitious targets for the coming years, too.
Despite the COVID-19 crisis, medical professionals can access training courses and thus help khổng lồ improve sầu health care for young women, pregnant women & mothers.
A sustainable approach to lớn urban planning that takes account of locals’ views is improving chất lượng of life and coexistence in Ukrainian towns và cities.

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Training opens up career opportunities in the Turkish IT sector for young jobseekers from Turkey và Syria.
Creative solutions lớn encourage more people to get vaccinated: điện thoại teams are raising awareness of protective measures and vaccination against COVID-19.
The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) & step up their cooperation lớn a next màn chơi. The goal is ambitious: lớn make a contribution khổng lồ a climate-neutral energy sector by 2050.
Misinformation about COVID-19 is a global problem. Now a project is using basic sản phẩm điện thoại phones khổng lồ provide reliable information.
Opportunities & challenges: the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa. Three questions for Martin Weiß, Country Director in South Africa/Lesotho.
Preserving biodiversity is vital for humans, animals và the environment. works worldwide with partners lượt thích IUCN khổng lồ protect ecosystems.
Jacqueline Kabissa is competing in the shot put at the Paralympic Games. A sports project for people with disabilities has been supporting her along the way.
Specialist in Islamic studies, journamenu và now project manager in Pakistan – employee Peer Gatter is working lớn promote the expansion of schools and health centres in traditional tribal areas.
How can we achieve sầu high chất lượng education for all? The lakiểm tra issue of the magazine akzente looks at opportunities in times of crisis.

Focus: Climate change

Global commitment lớn climate protection is working worldwide to limit global warming lớn 1.5 °C. On behalf of the Federal Government và other commissioning parties, it is active sầu in 50 partner countries & around 800 projects lớn tư vấn climate protection and adaptation to lớn climate change.

jualkaosmuslim.com_gmBảo hành và EIB. It provides advisory services & capathành phố building tailored khổng lồ the needs of municipalities và financial intermediaries in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, và Indonesia. Watch some FELICITY supported projects #COP26

06. Dezember 2021

2021 lecture series: Sustainable development needs peace; peace needs sustainable development

06. Dezember 2021

2021 lecture series: Sustainable development needs peace; peace needs sustainable development

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