It’s the middle of 2020, & tech enthusiasts around the world know that means: it’s almost time for the release of the lakiểm tra và greademo smartphones from Apple, Inc. Ever since Apple skipped the iPhone 9 and went straight to the iPhone X, it’s gotten a little more difficult lớn predict the name of the next generation of iPhones, but this year it looks lượt thích the tech-giant will be launching the new iPhone 12.

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updated: 17th February 2021

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Apple, Inc. has yet lớn confirm or deny any claims on the internet regarding the iPhone 12’s release date. While some sources report that Apple is currently in the final phases of Engineering Validation and Testing which is said to lớn conclude by the end of June 20trăng tròn, other sources report otherwise.

If the EVT is on trachồng and everything goes well, then Apple will most likely proceed to production sometime in July, and have the iPhone 12 Singapore ready khổng lồ ship before 3rd week of October 2020. However, this scenario is extremely optimistic, and doesn’t really take inlớn tài khoản the delays brought about by COVID-19.

The Spill on Release Date of iPhone 12

Jon Prosser from Front Page Tech says even an September launch isn’t guaranteed, with an October or even November launch looking more and more likely, with a release date in early 2021 even being considered as a possibility.

However, consumers can rest assured that Apple is pulling out all the stops lớn get iPhone 12 out by the end of the year, và our educated guess is that we’re likely to see the iPhone 12 Singapore hit the shelves soon!


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