Gangnam Style Doesn'T Play For Psy In Vietnam

While South Korean rapper PSY’s hit “Gangnam giới Style” has remained a global fever, Vietnamese fans have sầu come up with their own ways to lớn show their love sầu of the tuy vậy via hilarious parodies.

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“Gangphái nam Style” at The Voice of Vietnam

Released in September, the đoạn phim titled “Hitler Sings Gangphái mạnh Style at The Voice of Vietnam” has caused a stir due to lớn its funny take on criticizing the singing conthử nghiệm, which has aroused anger among mỏi people due lớn its result-fixing scandal.

Using a reset of Austrian-born World War II-era dictator Adolf Hitler’s voice to the beat of the song Gangphái nam Style, the video’s creator cleverly joined parts from the conthử nghiệm together with scenes from the movie “Downfall” about Hitler to create his performance at the Vietnamese version of The Voice singing contest.

“This is the most hilarious video clip I’ve sầu ever seen in my life,” a netizen nicknamed Tu Kuan comment on Youtube.

Selling shoes with Gangnam giới Style

Earlier this month, a parody of Gangnam Style created by, a trang web selling shoes, went viral & reached more than 100,000 views on Youtube after just half a month of being posted.

Also keeping the beat of the original version, the main character in the đoạn phim sings a Vietnamese lyric version with nội dung to advertise his website’s products. The clip has been praised for its creativeness, catchy lyrics and funny dancing.

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Music disaster ruins Gangphái mạnh Style

Unlượt thích the above sầu versions, a parody made by local singer Luong Gia Huy has been strongly criticized by netizens, who said the Clip is horrible và ruins the original version.

In the video titled “Anh Da Thich Em Roi” (I Already Like You), Huy also sings a Vietnamese version of lyrics, which have been commented by many viewers as “boring & nonsense.”

The singer has also been opposed for his weak & annoying voice. Since being released two weeks ago, the đoạn phim has gained the title “music disaster.” Some hardcore netizens even accused the video’s performer of music plagiarism.

Oppa Hanoi Style

Though it hasn’t been criticized as harshly as “Anh Da Thich Em Roi,” the animated video clip titled “Oppa Hanoi Style” released on September 21 has also received negative comments for its nội dung supporting the depraved lifestyle of a number of youths in Hanoi.

The lyrics, including sentences lượt thích “Cu viec an choi di, duong doi con dai, tieu đưa ra tức thì mai la tiep tuc an choi de, minc cung an choi di, cung overnight” (Let’s party, life remains long, “keep partying” is the goal for the future, let’s play và hang out overnight), was criticized. The fact that the đoạn Clip uses foreign languages like English và Chinese inserted with a lot of Vietnamese slang also met opposition from netizens.

“Gangnam Style,” a single by South Korean rapper PSY, has recently stormed across the world, reaching over 300 million views on Youtube nearly three months after it was released on July 15.

The video clip featuring Psy performing the so-called "horse dance," similar to riding a horse, has gone viral, và many international pop stars have sầu tweeted & commented on the wacky performance.

The tuy nhiên has been number one on South Korea"s major music charts for over three weeks & is also high on the iTunes store in the US, Canada, Finlvà, New Zealvà and Denmark. On November 8, PSY received the Guinness World Records certificate in London for “Gangnam giới Style” as "Most Liked” Video in YouTube history.