Femininity Là Gì

the fact or unique of having characteristics that are traditionally thought to be typical of or suitable for a woman:

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They experienced their clothes & appearance as expressive sầu, và closely linked lớn a sense of their own femininity.
Thus, men repress their own feelings, devalue femininity because of its emotional side, are afraid of women and disappointing in their relationships with them.
As her legs became emancipated, markers of her femininity migrated upwards, making her another ambiguous creature.
Parisian consumption was the opposite, oriented not towards male activity, but towards a consumerism controlled by a femininity that distracted men from productive sầu work.
The second part concentrated more specifically on exploring their understandings of masculinity and femininity in relation lớn soldiering.
Since the late 1970s, critics intrigued by the idea that music can enact gender, have heard their music as somehow embodying femininity.
The association of masculinity with the cerebral và femininity with the physical perhaps explains women"s exclusion from credibility on these grounds.
The women who are low performers have sầu scores which indicate a high cấp độ of stereotypical femininity on submissiveness, narcissism, creative sầu interests and femininity.
These have sầu in common declining social status & degradation of selfimage, as the cultural igiảm giá khuyến mãi, youthful femininity, can no longer be met.
This global interpretation, which is not based in contextualized empirical analysis, assumes a direct mapping aước ao discourse, femininity, and powerlessness.
Certainly, she rejected - or possibly never even considered - using her femininity to personal và political advantage.
It is the intersection of assertions of femininity with cultural, class & racial identity which would have sầu enriched this chapter beyond the discussion of dress.

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And, conversely, histories of motherhood - & femininity - seemed so much more important in the development of new gender ideologies and practices.
Each tuy nhiên draws the listener into an image of femininity while threatening assumptions hinted at in the lyrics.
Offering formal training for teaching, which implied that women needed khổng lồ be taught to lớn teach, endangered this understanding of femininity.
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