Efforts là gì

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effort /"efət/ danh từ sự nỗ lực, sự nỗ lực sức; sự gắng test làm sự ra tay tác dụng đã đạt được (của việc nỗ lực gắng)
lựcanchoring effort: lực neobest effort: cố gắng nỗ lực cao nhấtbrake effort: lực phanhbraking effort: lực thắngbraking effort: lực hãmbraking effort or force: lực phanhcentrifugal effort: lực ly tâmcentrifugal effort: lực li tâmcompactive effort: lực đầm nénguiding effort: lực dẫn hướnglateral effort: lực ngangnet effort: nội lực (lực nội tại)normal effort: cố gắng tiêu chuẩnseparative effort: lực phân lytangential effort: lực tiếp tuyếntractive effort: lực kéotractive effort for air resistance: sức kéo quá trở lực (sức cản) của ko khíturning effort: lực quaynội lựcnet effort: nội lực (lực nội tại)ứng lựcứng suấtLĩnh vực: xây dựngnỗ lựcbest effort: cố gắng nỗ lực cao nhấtnormal effort: cố gắng tiêu chuẩnanchoring effortsức neobraking effortmức độ thắngeffort syndromehội bệnh cụ sứcnet effortsức ròngparking effortsức thắngstarting tractive sầu effortkhả năng kéo Khi xuất pháttraction effortmức độ kéotraction efforttác động kéotractive sầu efforttác động ảnh hưởng kéotractive effort for road resistancekhả năng kéo vượt sức cản xung quanh lộtractive effort on gradientlực kéo trên phố bộ<"efət> o efoc Một nhóm các tia sóng được trộn với nhau nhằm tăng năng lượng sóng mang lại kết quả biểu diễn cuối cùng trong thăm dò địa chấn.

Word families (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs): effort, effortless, effortlessly

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Từ điển Collocation

effort noun

1 physical/mental energy needed to lớn bởi sth

ADJ. considerable | hard It took a whole day of hard effort khổng lồ knoông chồng down the wall. | constant, sustained | extra | physical | intellectual, mental

QUANT. amount the amount of effort required

VERB + EFFORT demvà, need, require, take It takes constant effort to become fluent in a language. | devote, expover, put in All the team members have put in a great deal of effort. | spare no No effort has been spared lớn make this khách sạn a welcoming, comfortable place. | be (well) worth The walk is difficult but well worth the effort.

EFFORT + VERB go into lớn A lot of effort went inlớn making the costumes.

PREP. with/without ~ This can be done quickly và with very little effort.

PHRASES a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of effort

2 attempt lớn vị sth

ADJ. all-out, big, brave, determined, enormous, great, herculean, heroic, huge, major, remarkable, special, strenuous, superhuman, tremendous, valiant I can see you have made a big effort khổng lồ clean up. | desperate, frantic their frantic efforts khổng lồ put out the fire | final, last, last-ditch The UN General Secretary flew in in a last-ditch effort to save sầu the talks. | genuine, positive sầu, real, serious | feeble She made a feeble effort to lớn smile, then started crying again. | sporadic I make sporadic efforts to lớn sort out my files. | successful | fruitless, futile, unsuccessful | collaborative sầu, collective sầu, concerted, cooperative, joint, team Students, teachers & families got together in a team effort to decorate the school. | conscious, deliberate I have sầu to lớn make a conscious effort lớn be polite so early in the morning. | voluntary The museum relies on the voluntary efforts of enthusiasts. | fund-raising

VERB + EFFORT make | increase, intensify, redouble, renew, step up The police have renewed their efforts to lớn find the murderer. | channel, concentrate, focus The police channelled their efforts into searching around the river. | fail in He failed in h | resist The wound resisted all my efforts to stop it bleeding. | abandon | be rewarded for, reward Her efforts were rewarded when she won an Oscar. | applaud The gallery owner applauded the efforts of firefighters to lớn save sầu the exhibits.

EFFORT + VERB come khổng lồ nothing, fail

PREP. in an/your ~ The club has changed the rules in an effort to make them fairer. | through sb"s ~ Through their efforts, enough money was raised to buy the equipment.

PHRASES your best efforts Despite our best efforts, we didn"t manage lớn win the match. | a reward for your efforts Second prize was a fair reward for his efforts. | make every effort We are making every effort to obtain the release of the hostages.