Guide: how to choose a career

As far as important life decisions go, choosing a career is right up there at the top of the danh sách. Your choice of a career will determine how you spend the majority of your days for decades lớn come. So, lượt thích, no pressure or anything, right?

But seriously though, there is an insane amount of pressure on young people to lớn figure out a career path before they even graduate from high school. And strangely, no one really tells you how to lớn choose a career in the first place. They just expect you to lớn “follow your passion” và go from there.

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While passions should be factored into lớn your career choice, there is so much more that goes inkhổng lồ career decision-making. In this guide, we’re dishing on how khổng lồ choose a career that is rewarding, purposeful, and, ultimately, successful. Ready to lớn find your dream career? Let’s go!

Start with a Self-Assessment 

First things first: You should perform a self-assessment. A self-assessment can give you a better understanding of yourself by encouraging you lớn think about the things that are important khổng lồ you. Too often, young people will stumble inkhổng lồ their careers by accident or get nudged into lớn a specific field by a well-meaning relative, never taking their own values, motivations, or interests into lớn trương mục.

The beauty of a self-assessment is that only YOU can answer the questions. Because really, who knows you better than yourself?


To help you dig a little deeper inlớn yourself, here are a few critical areas lớn cover in your self-assessment:

Interests. Let’s start with an easy one: What vày you like to lớn do? List 10 or more things you enjoy doing and/or that make you fulfilled. Then, see if you connect related interests & translate them inkhổng lồ a potential career. If you’re inkhổng lồ gaming and giải pháp công nghệ, consider a career in đoạn Clip game kiến thiết. If you enjoy drawing và helping kids, think about becoming an art teacher.Skills. Next, take stoông xã of your skills. What are you really good at? Break down your skills into two categories: soft and hard skills. Soft skills such as communication & leadership are transferable skills, meaning you can make use of them in a variety of potential careers. Hard skills such as computer, marketing, or writing skills are teachable skills that may be chất lượng to lớn a specific career.Values. Your values are the things that you consider important in life. In relation to your career, these may include things such as work-life balance, variety in your daily duties, opportunities for advancement, independence, và so on. Values can give you motivation at work and are therefore important lớn take inkhổng lồ consideration.


Explore Your Career Options

After you’ve completed your self-assessment, you can start thinking about how your interests, skills, values, và personality traits might translate inlớn a possible career. What are some occupations and fields that fit into lớn your self-assessment? Is there a particular industry or job that appeals khổng lồ you? 

At this stage, you want khổng lồ cast a wide net of potential career options without so much getting into the nitty-gritty. Don’t worry about making any big decisions right now. You’re just trying to lớn get a feel for what career options are available lớn you.

Here are a few resources to lớn help broaden your search for careers và jobs:

School Counselor. If you’re still in high school và have sầu a career counselor available khổng lồ you, take advantage! A good career counselor can help you explore career options, administer aptitude tests and give you the important deets on a potential career path that you may be considering above sầu all others.Networking. Joining a professional network group is another amazing way to explore potential career options. General networking groups on và LinkedIn Groups often include a diverse range of professionals, from engineers to lớn entrepreneurs & everything in-between. Find a group, start mingling with interesting people, and then just casually ask them lớn spill the tea on their jobs.Internet Forums. Do you have a career in mind that you want to know more about? Internet forums such as Reddit and Quora can give you the scoop on what the job really entails. Just type in “Reddit + What it’s like lớn be a ” & you’ll get some (possibly NSFW) answers that no one else will tell you. Just be aware that some people go there only to lớn complain. In other words, don’t write off a potential career just because some rando paints a terrible picture of the job. 

Narrow Down Your List

Netflix Tagger. Cat Cuddler. Mattress Tester. Those are all actual jobs that people have sầu if you can believe it. Unfortunately, those job titles aren’t too easy khổng lồ come by — because, obviously, we all want lớn get paid to watch Netflix, cuddle kittens, and sleep. 

This leads us lớn the next stage of how khổng lồ choose a career: researching your career options to lớn see how viable they are. At this stage, you should have sầu a sizable danh sách of careers that seem interesting lớn you. 


Now, let’s take a deep dive sầu khổng lồ see what a future in those careers might look lượt thích by considering the following:

Job Description. When weighing potential careers, be sure to lớn look at multiple job descriptions to get a better idea of what you’ll actually be doing on a daily basis. As you get into lớn the nitty-gritty details, you may realize that certain duties are dealbreakers for you. For instance, perhaps the job you’re considering has frequent travel và you prefer khổng lồ stay cchiến bại to lớn trang chủ. While this job duty may not be a big deal now, it could be an issue in the long-term.

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Job Outlook. Possibly even more important than salary is job outlook growth. This is the projected number of people employed in a particular profession over a mix period. If the job outlook for your igiảm giá khuyến mãi occupation is poor, you may have a difficult time landing your dream job in the future. On the other h&, choosing a job in a fast-growing field could make your future job search much easier. 

Interested in the trade school path? Learn more about trade school vs. college on the blog.

Opportunities for Advancement. Are there opportunities for growth in your chosen career? Is there a clear promotion structure in your career path? If the answer khổng lồ both questions is no, cross the career off your list. You don’t want to find yourself baông xã to square one when you need khổng lồ make a midlife career switch.


Take Your Career for a Test Drive

You’re almost there! You should now have one or two specific career directions in mind. 

But what if you’re going baông xã và forth between two potential career options? What if you’re not sure if the career you’re leaning towards is the right fit for you?

If you find yourself in this career conundrum, you need khổng lồ go beyond basic mạng internet research. Here’s how to lớn choose a career by going straight to the source:

Informational Interviews. The informational interview is an effective research tool that is one-part info-session, one-part networking opportunity. You’ll reach out to someone in your dream career và ask them if they wouldn’t mind giving you trăng tròn or so minutes of their time lớn talk about what working in their field is really like. Not only will you grow your professional network, you’ll learn what your career takes and how to position yourself for success in your first job.

Make a Decision

Woohoo, you’ve sầu made it to the last step! *plays The Final Countdown* 

Now, it’s time lớn reflect on everything you’ve learned about yourself, your potential career, và your work experience. So, what career path excites you the most? 


Once you’ve officially chosen a career that’s right for you, the work isn’t over yet. Here’s how to launch your career và expand your opportunities:

Set Career Goals. You know where you’re going — but how will you get there? To reach your final destination, create a menu of short- and long-term career goals. Then, come up with actionable steps that will help you accomplish your goals. Don’t forget khổng lồ Reviews your career goals regularly & change them as needed.Have sầu a Backup Plan. Maybe you’re getting a degree in history in the hopes of eventually becoming a museum curator. Great! But what if that plan doesn’t work out? Would you consider becoming a history teacher? Creating an alternative sầu career plan can help ease some anxiety about your future and give sầu you a career path to lớn fall baông chồng on in case something derails your original career plan.Never Stop Learning. Continuous learning is crucial to launching a successful career. Having a learning mindset not only keeps you competitive in your field, it can also increase your job prospects. Employers are looking for curious individuals who seek out opportunities to learn và grow. Stay current on industry news, take regular workshops to lớn expand your skills, and don’t be afraid to fail.

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The World Is Your Oyster


If you’re reading this guide on how to choose a career, it’s safe to assume that you’re working with a clean slate. And TBH, we kinda envy you for it. Your career possibilities are limitless! We mean, sure, having so many options can be a little overwhelming at times. But think of it this way: You have sầu more opportunities khổng lồ reach your kết thúc goal, which is, lớn say, a thriving career.

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