Cách tải hipstore

Are you fed up with not being able khổng lồ jailbreak? Can’t get your favorite apps or tweaks? Then have sầu a look at HipStore. One of the best Cydia alternatives, this is a third-tiệc ngọt installer that offers users thousands of tweaks và 3rd-các buổi tiệc nhỏ apps, games, and other great content.

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Then we’ll bởi our best to lớn answer them

What is HipStore?

It is an unofficial third-tiệc nhỏ installer, an alternative sầu phầm mềm store if you like. Filled with loads of apps & games, tweaks, và lots of 3rd-các buổi tiệc nhỏ content, everything is không tính phí lớn use.

A word of warning

We do NOT condone or encourage piracy in any way; please use HipStore responsibly, as a way of trying an app before you purchase it through the official channels.

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Why Do I Get an Untrusted Developer Error & How Do I Fix It?

The Untrusted Developer error arises when you install unofficial content & fixing it is easy:

Go to Settings > General > ProfilesTap on the protệp tin for the phầm mềm and then tap TrustCthảm bại Settings; you won’t get that error again

We’re not done yet

How Do I trust Enterprise Apps?

This is easy lớn do:

Go to lớn Settings > GeneralTap Profiles and then go to lớn Enterprise AppsTap on the name of the distributorTap Trust và then go out of Settings appeThe Enterprise ứng dụng will work

HipStore Will Not Verify or Download:

This is because it is unofficial và runs on expired enterprise apps. Apple will revoke these, but the developers keep them updated – likely, you are trying to tải về while they are updating the certificates. Remove sầu HipStore và wait a while. Try again, và the certificates should have sầu been updated. Also, you may get a similar thing if you don’t delete a stochồng app before trying to lớn tải về its unofficial version. If you download unofficial apps, always revoke the official stock version first.

And we’re done

It’s your turn now

Don’t waste any more time

Get HipStore on your device today, FREE, and start downloading your apps and games. Don’t forget; follow the developers on Facebook, & we’ll send you more tips like this.