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I liked this book a lot. It changed the way of my thoughts. Where can I buy such self-help books at affordable prices?

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NickiI order from Thriftbooks.com. Most of the books are priced around $3 or $4-- and you get không tính phí shipping on orders of $10 or more.
Think và Grow Rich is one of the best books I have ever read on money. Very realistic with true life illustrations. Where can I buy popular self help books at low prices?

TeresaI like audio books; you can use Overdrive sầu, which link with public libraries, to lớn access e-books as well as audiobooks. All for FREE. when you go throu…moreI lượt thích audio books; you can use Overdrive, which liên kết with public libraries, to access e-books as well as audiobooks. All for FREE. when you go through them as quickly as I bởi vì... it can be expensive sầu. Some you"ll want lớn have a hard copy of và Amazon Prime really can"t be beat for selection & price.(less)
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This is the first the book I start lớn read after many months, & this is the first book I plan lớn read in 2017, I am reading this book and this book is inspiring me a lot.Do you think this book will really change our way of thinking & our life mode?

Ace RashidYes, it does change your thinking. It changed mine and I am certain it has changed the minds of many in the positive sầu way.

Sherri JamesNope! Once you know, you cannot "un-know." You can pretkết thúc but you can't "un-know." :)…moreNope! Once you know, you cannot "un-know." You can pretover but you can"t "un-know." :)(less)
Can somebody tell me if this play is royalty miễn phí to lớn produce commercially or I'll have sầu lớn pay some fees ?
In his book think và grow rich, what does Napoleon Hill mean by the terms Spiritual equivalent & vibration of thought?

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