Do You Miss Adventure ?

If you enjoy mountain biking & are in search of adventure on your holiday, then join the Hoi An Mountain Bike Trails team on a Mountain Biking Adventure Holiday around Hoi An, Vietnam giới.

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Our Mountain Biking Tours will immerse you in the rural Vietnam where ancestral customs và authentithành phố have been preserved.

Spend several days on the cross country trails that wind along the baông chồng country of Quang Nam Province & the quaint town of Hoi An.

Discover the Vietphái nam as you imagine it; majestic mountains, rice fields winding along the flowing rivers, the farmers setting out khổng lồ work in the fields in their conical hats on their water buffalos as did their ancestors.

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Meet the rural people of Vietnam whose generous hospitality will allow you to lớn giới thiệu chất lượng và unforgettable moments.

Whether you are an amateur cycdanh mục or an accomplished sports professional looking for a different adventure, Hoi An Mountain Bike Trailscan offer a Mountain Biking tour that will meet your expectations.


Our "Adventure" tours arehalf-day or a full day MTB toursalong on established routes offering varying levels of difficulty. They are both fun and challenging !


TRAILS Overnight Tours

This concept is for true adventurers who are interested in several days of biking to discover the rural Vietnam, far from the mass tourism destinations & with a certain amount of exploration. We customise this tour with a personalised itinerary that we establish together beforehvà. Howeve sầu, the itinerary will still remain flexible, và can be altered according lớn your specific requests, but also due lớn unforeseen events that may occur during the tour (weather, unexpected meetings, etc.).


On this tour you can expect the unexpected !

Unless requested, this tour is unassisted (unless requested). You must carry your backpack yourself. You will either spend the night in small local guesthouses or as a guest in someone’s trang chính in the countryside.