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Strain gages are fundamental sensing devices that function as the building blocks of many other types of transducers, including pressure, load, and torque sensors, which are used extensively in structural test và mojualkaosmuslim.comtoring applications. Choosing the right products lớn include in system involves considering factors such as the method by which you will acquire the data, connectivity to sensors & other system components, và the environment in which you’ll be taking the measurements.

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This document introduces available measurement platforms for strain gages, pressure, load, và torque sensors.

Measuring Strain & Bridge-Based Sensors with Compact Systems

For benchtop measurements or environments where many measurements may need to be made in key points in a manufacturing or mojualkaosmuslim.comtoring environment, you may need khổng lồ choose a hardware system that is small, portable, and/or rugged.

CompactDAQ is a portable, rugged data acquisition platform that integrates connectivity và signal conditiojualkaosmuslim.comng inlớn modular I/O for directly interfacing to lớn any sensor or signal. You can acquire data from over 60 measurement-specific modules over USB, Ethernet, or 802.11 wireless commujualkaosmuslim.comcation. CompactDAQ hardware offers multiple timing engines to run hardware-timed tasks at different rates và advanced counter functionality.

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CompactDAQ controllers offer a high-performance platform for embedded measurements & data logging. Controllers feature an integrated computer và nonvolatile storage so that CompactDAQ can be deployed without an external computer. CompactDAQ hardware offers intel multicore processing, up lớn 32 GB nonvolatile storage, and 2 GB RAM, và you can perkhung simultaneous streaming of continuous measurements with sample rates up lớn 1 MS/s per channel.


* C Series Ujualkaosmuslim.comversal Analog Input Modules, one with LEMO và one with 9-pin D-SUB connectors

Using FieldDAQ Hardware with a CompactDAQ Strain/Bridge Input Module

You can also expand a CompactDAQ system with FieldDAQ hardware. FieldDAQ combines sensor-specific signal conditiojualkaosmuslim.comng, connectivity, & digitization to directly interface lớn common sensors & signals such as thermocouples, strain gages, và more.

Learn more about the Strain/Bridge Input Device for FieldDAQ

Creating High-Performance và High-Channel-Count Systems for Measuring Strain và Bridge-Based Sensors

The PXI platform provides a variety of chassis, controller, và module options that give you the power khổng lồ create a measurement system that meets your application"s specific needs. Modules offer up lớn 0.02 percent accuracy at up to lớn 102.4 kS/s. PXI scales lớn thousands of strain và bridge-based measurement channels for large applications and provides both wired and wireless synchrojualkaosmuslim.comzation options. It also offers the following application benefits.

Configurable desktop, rack-mount, và distributed multichassis solutionsCompatibility with a wide range of sensors & transducersMore than 1,500 PXI modules, including CAN, vision, motion, & GPS



PXI system with multiple PXI modules installed

PXI I/O Modules With Integrated Signal Conditiojualkaosmuslim.comng for Measuring Strain

The PXI Strain/Bridge Input Module features up khổng lồ eight channels that support quarter-, half-, or full-bridge sensors at speeds up to lớn 102.4 kS/s. The modules provide increased accuracy, high data throughput, and a range of synchrojualkaosmuslim.comzation features. Optional features include remote sensing, internal bridge completion, và shunt calibration options per channel. PXI Strain/Bridge Input Modules are ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá for dynamic strain, load and pressure measurements, and test cell installations requiring accuracy and flexibility.