An lon dubh the blackbird, castlecomer

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Raidió Fáilte is an award winning Irish language radio station in a modern building which hosts regular events & exhibitions & has a welcoming coffee cửa hàng, An Lon Dubh.

If you wish to experience the rich Gaelic tradition of Belfast, the Raidió Fáilte building (5-10 minute walk from Belfast city centre) is a great place to lớn start. Here you can experience the richness of the Irish language & culture in a modern setting.Raidió Fáilte is the only Irish language radio station broadcasting in Belfast. Raidió Fáilte is a community radio station which has won many awards for its broadcasting. The station broadcasts 24 hours every day on 107.1fm in Belfast & worldwide on Raidió Fáilte provides training in truyền thông skills & operates on a cross-community, social enterprise basis, contributing to lớn the regeneration of an area of multiple deprivation. The radio station is situated in an iconic building which has won a number of architectural awards.The Raidió Fáilte building boasts a welcoming, independent coffee shop (An Lon Dubh) which sells speciality coffees và teas, home-made soup and sandwiches, nutritious breakfasts and lunches & locally produced scones & treats. Vegetarian & vegan options are available. The friendly atmosphere and Gaelic ambience of the An Lon DuBảo hành adds lớn the enjoyment of the visitor experience.Alongside the coffee shop is an exhibition & event space which hosts regular exhibitions dealing with aspects of the Gaelic tradition of the area, as well as work by local artists, music, talks và other events. Events are open to the public và offer the visitor a unique insight into the Irish language culture of the area.The Raidió Fáilte building is situated at the entrance lớn Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter and acts as a signpost for visitors lớn other cultural points of interest in the Gaeltacht Quarter area.Tours of the Raidió Fáilte building, (including the modern broadcast và recording studquả táo, training and other facilities) provide panoramic views of this historic area of Belfast and can be arranged by appointment.Meeting facilities are available for hire.

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Top Reasons To Visit An opportunity lớn experience first-hand the richness of the Irish language & culture in a modern setting An Lon DuBH café: speciality coffees/teas và locally produced food choices. Vegetarian và vegan options Historic exhibitions & displays of work by local artists, music & other events relating to Irish culture 10 minute walk from đô thị centre, a great place khổng lồ start (or end) a tour of west Belfast murals và other sites Get a warm welcome to lớn Belfast’s Gaeltacht Quarter, hear about other cultural activities in the area