An Giang University

Metrics Community Long Xuyen, An Giang Province, Vietnam Community Size 382,140 University An Giang University – Vietphái nam National University of Ho Chi Minh City Program An Giang University Years 2021 Status Confirmed Case TypeProgram Stories RegionAsia, Global, Vietnam

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An Giang University is a Vietnamese public university based in the đô thị of Long Xuyen in An Giang Province. It is one of the major educational & retìm kiếm institutions in the Mekong Delta Region of Vietnam giới. The university has cthua ties with many government institutions. Several cooperated projects of climate change & environmental sustainability have sầu been effectively implemented at local areas of Vietnam’s Mekong River Delta. Annually, many of the university’s students intern at various government agencies, particularly the Department of Natural resources & Environment and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.


On behalf of An Giang University, the Research Center for Rural Development joined EPIC-N in June 2021. Through the adoption of the EPIC Model, An Giang University students will work with the city of Long Xuyen on the master plan for resilience khổng lồ climate change by 2035 under the vision of “Smart Water City”.


The Research Center for Rural Development is the Retìm kiếm Center of An Giang University. It specializes in conducting scientific studies and community development projects in the field of environmental sustainability, climate change, agroecological systems, rural livelihoods, gender và rural/urban water governance. The Retìm kiếm Center for Rural Development is a recipient of the UNEP-GAN Seed Grant.

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Fun Facts about An Giang University

Year EPIC Program Established |2021Country |VietnamPublic or Private Institution |PublicNumber of students at institution |10,706

City Partners

2018 |Long Xuyen City • Population: 382,140

Liên hệ Info

Tnhị Van NguyenResearcher & LecturerAssistant of Scientific Research và International RelationsResearch Center for Rural Development, An Giang Universitynvthai

Pmê mẩn Tran Lan PhuongResearch AssistantRetìm kiếm Center for Rural Development, An Giang Universityptlphuong

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