Dan choi

In terms of looks, these guys are hipper than your average pho spot. That means you can have dinner here with a friend who wants khổng lồ take pictures of their food. And you can watch them bởi this while you eat a banh ngươi or a bowl of pho - or both if you get the “French Dip” banh mày, which comes with a side of broth for dipping. An Choi is on a lively (but not crazy) blochồng on the LES, it’s very laid-baông xã, và you won’t spkết thúc too much here.

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A smaller, very casual Lower East Side outpost of Brooklyn’s Speedy Romeo. They may be known for pizza, but that’s not the best thing here.

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Thanh khô Da is a Vietnamese spot in Sunset Park that’s perfect for takeout or a quick sit-down bowl of bún trườn hue.